Online Lessons

ONLINE Classical Drawing & Painting Tuition

Online tuition is a more affordable and flexible way to learn. You can work from home, anywhere in the world, while still benefiting from individual feedback on your progress.

Before subscribing:

- We set up an initial 20 min. FREE Skype Consultation where we can chat about the lessons, the approach, your studio set-up and materials. We also talk about your needs and future artistic goals. There’s no obligation to sign up.
- I send you a FREE Materials Guide, so you can make sure you have the right supplies to get started.

What’s in it for you?
Weekly One-on-One Live Skype Consultations of 20 min.
Weekly visual review of your work-in-progress with notations/corrections via email.
Step-by-step instructions as PDFs as you need them in your progress.
How-to Demonstrations as Videos as you need them in your progress.
You can email or call me with questions anytime, I’ll get back to you usually within 24 h.

What you Need…
- A place to work, materials.
- Access to Skype. It’s easy and free to sign up.
- Small camera like an iPhone, to email me images of your work in progress.
- An account on Youtube or Vimeo, so I can share videos with you. It’s easy and free to sign up.

What we’ll be covering in the lessons:
Initial drawing
under-painting in monochrome (grisaille)
color layers
mixing and understanding colors
details and glazes
painting mediums
brush handling and mark making
studio tips… and Much More!

What’s the difference between Online and In-person tutoring?

It’s more affordable…

As it is, one single in-person 90 min. lesson at my brick and mortar studio costs $90, whereas the monthly subscription for online tuition is $120. This includes 4 individual 20 min. Skype consultations plus videos, pdf step-by-steps, and much more.

Your progress and hours are more flexible…

You can work at your own pace, and more often than if you have to make it to my studio for lessons. If you for example have been doing a lot of drawing, then that part of the process can perhaps be a bit faster and you can move on to painting. If you have more time one week, you’ll be ready for the next phase sooner.

Working in the comfort of your own home, anywhere in the world…
As long as you have a dedicated space to set up your easel, even if it’s a corner of your living room, or bedroom as I once did (!), you’re good to go.

In-person demonstrations versus videos…
Having face-to-face Skype consultations will enable us to have real conversations about your work and I can even show you things, as most of the time I will be present in my art studio. And the video How-to demonstrations have the benefit that you can watch them over again if you forgot something I told you. You won’t be able to smell the turpentine but you still might hear the neighbors dog barking in the background!

How much is the Subscription Fee?

$120 monthly, paid by the 1st of each month via Paypal or check. My Paypal handle is my email:

What does 'subscription based fee' actually mean?

I’ve set up this method of payment and engagement to make it more affordable for students, and easier to manage. The monthly fee is non-refundable and the weekly Skype consultation is a fixed time that we agree on. If it happens that you miss out on a couple of consultations, it’s still a lot cheaper than in-person tuition. If you need to skip a Skype consultation, I can still give you email feedback when you’re ready that week. You can choose to stop for a month, and resume the subscription the next month.

In the rare instance I am unavailable for our set Skype consultation, you will get a refund. For Example, if I am sick or otherwise unavailable for one session, you would be refunded a quarter of the monthly $120 fee: $30.

To get started...
Just contact me for setting up a time for your first Skype consultation. It is free of charge, and there’s no pressure to start subscribing.

Looking forward to teaching you!